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Subcontractor Management

The Subcontractor Management Module is fully integrated with the Estimating, Valuations and Contract Management modules. In addition it links to core financials to update the Creditors Ledger with Certificates, Invoices and Time Sheets. It receives information from core financials re payments made as these are the trigger points for CIS and RCT returns. The module deals with Subcontractor Orders, Applications for Payment, Subcontractor Certificates, Subcontractor Invoices and Time Sheets.

Subcontractor Certificates can be allocated against one or more Applications for Payment with details updated automatically from Subcontractor Orders. Subcontractor Certificates, Invoices and Time Sheets can also be input on a stand alone basis without any reference to Orders or Payment Applications.

There are payment types for Measured Work, Materials, Variations and Dayworks. Retentions, Discounts, CITB Levy, Tax Deductions and Contras are all dealt with in this module. Reports are available on balances outstanding as well as retentions due with due dates.

The Contract Management module has separate columns for Subcontractor Orders, Certificates and Invoices for an instant appraisal of work to date and potential liabilities.

The Time Sheet routine is for labour only subcontractors and is completely separate from direct payroll to comply with statutory requirements.

There are extensive reporting and enquiry facilities and all enquiries can be exported directly to Microsoft Excel for further analysis if required.

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