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Subcontractor & Supplier Enquiries

Subcontractor master files can store up to 5 trades per subcontractor. When pricing a Bill Of Quantities trades can be allocated against the whole bill, sections of the bill or individual line items. The system then knows which subcontractors can deal with each trade requirement and therefore which details to send to which subcontractor for pricing.

Estimating rates are made up of resources such as labour, plant, materials. Resource master files hold details of resource groups to which each resource can be assigned. Supplier master files also hold resource groups ( up to 5 groups). The system then knows which suppliers supply which resources and therefore which resources to include on different pricing enquiries.

The system allows the user to choose which subcontractors or suppliers to send enquiries to as a list of all matching subcontractors or suppliers will be shown.

The enquiry is produced in the form of a mini BOQ. For subcontractors this will be as per the main bill split by trade and for suppliers as per a schedule of materials. Enquiries can be printed, sent by disc or transmitted electronically.

Subcontractor's or Supplier's rates are entered back into Contractor either manually or imported electronically.

Comparisons can then be made between own rates and the various subcontractor or supplier rates in a percentage and value format by varying degrees of detail.

A preferred subcontractor can be allocated and their rates input against the various bill items on a labour only, labour and materials etc. basis. A preferred supplier can be allocated against various resources as a default supplier for one or more resources and will appear as a preferred supplier on the purchasing schedule. Subcontractor quotations can auto default subcontractor orders with the ability to edit as required.

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