Internal/External or Subcontractor applications or invoices, based on a Percentage Complete / Quantity / Value / Take-Off / Re-measure or Variation. Facility to claim Materials on Site.

Day works are also easily catered for and all day works or re-measures are stored in the system. Valuations can also be built up over a period and valued when you are ready. Ideal for day works / record sheets and re-measures.

All applications/invoices are posted automatically to the Financial Modules, including subcontractors whose details will also be posted to the Subcontractor Management
Module (CIS/RCT).

We can specify whether the application or invoice is sent to the head office / regional office or site office. We can also set terms for the client and then have automatic prompts to create a valuation based on the client's terms.

Applications or invoices can be selected over the whole contract or by title / subheading or individual items using any of the above methods.

All applications and invoices are automatically numbered and an application can be changed to a VAT invoice at the click of a button. Applications can also be posted to the Contract Sales Management module. Once an application or invoice is created they are automatically logged in the system. At any time you can view the resources required to date/resources used to date/details of all applications/invoices, when they were created, what amount of retention/discount/CITB levies etc. that relate to the contract. You also get a comprehensive costing list that shows what quantities and amounts have been claimed so far, what you started with and what amount you have left to claim.

Internal applications are used for internal purposes only and are meant to show the value of an application for management purposes as this may differ from an external application. There is also a certified column which indicates certified payments made to date. Values from internal can be transferred automatically to external (and vice versa) and a % added or deducted. Likewise subcontractor valuations can also be generated automatically based on internal/external valuations.