Enquiries & Comparisons

This module allows trades or resource groups to be specified against sections, items or resources in the estimate, which are then held for future use. This can then automatically create enquiries for all the chosen trades or suppliers.

Allows the user to choose which subcontractors or suppliers to send to before printing, a list of all matching trades or suppliers will be shown.

The enquiry is then printed in the form of a mini Bill of Quantities with only the required items displayed. Enquiries can be printed, sent by disc or transmitted electronically.

Subcontractor's or Supplier's rates are entered back into Contractor either manually or imported automatically.

Comparisons can then be made between own rates and the various subcontractor or supplier rates in a percentage and value format. There are three reports varying in detail available to show the results of the comparisons.

A preferred subcontractor or supplier can be chosen and their rates plugged on a chosen basis into the estimate, with the option to replace any combination of the existing rates, i.e. you may replace the labour element of an item with a subcontract rate.

Detailed subcontractor tender appraisal / rate plugging and much more.
All screen layouts can be altered to suit user preferences.
All details are automatically linked to Subcontractor Management.